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April 24, 2024

Dangerously Good: Raising Magnanimous Sons

On April 13, The Heights welcomed eighty-five fathers to campus for its second annual Fatherhood Conference. Building on the success of last spring’s Fatherhood Conference, which focused on the power and importance of paternal presence, the theme for this year’s conference was the virtue of magnanimity.  Featuring a blend of lectures and breakout discussions, this event also welcomed a long-time friend of the school, Fr. Carter Griffin, Rector of St. John Paul II Seminary in Washington. Following Mass and breakfast, Fr. Griffin opened the day with a lecture titled “Magnanimity...

March 27, 2024


Last week, The Heights welcomed a group of six school heads from Spain. Hailing from schools located throughout the Iberian Peninsula, the visitors were especially keen on learning about practically feasible ways to develop and improve the humanities programs offered at their schools. Through observations of core classes and strategic meetings with administrators at The Heights, the visitors worked on developing ways to integrate a solid humanities sequence into their already strong science and math programs. In addition to humanities, the school heads also sought to learn more about sharpening...

January 19, 2024

The Teaching Vocation Conference

The conference for me felt like coming home. The clarity of vision your teachers and leadership presented was not just words, but clearly flowed into your relationships between each other and with your students. The intentionality of your campus design, the rhythms of your school day, and your approach to curricular development came together in a way I can only call ‘organic,”’and it was refreshing to me, as someone who has spent 18 years as an educator-administrator, to witness the ideals I have so long espoused in action, in such...

November 20, 2023

120 Parents Attend Heights Conference on Freedom and Technology in the Home

Last Saturday, The Heights opened its doors to some 120 parents—many parents of current Heights students, some friends of the school, and still other prospective Heights parents. Following on the success of last spring’s Fatherhood Conference, which similarly saw well over a hundred fathers in attendance, last Saturday’s event featured a blend of lectures, Q&A sessions, and breakout discussions. The topic was technology and freedom; or, in other words, how to raise children who have the ability to master technology and not to be mastered by it.  In many ways,...

November 10, 2023

Heights Teacher, Mark Grannis, Publishes New Logic Textbook

The Reasonable Person is an outstanding introduction to logic as the art and science of sound reasoning. The book is informed by the author’s experience making Aristotle’s logic comprehensible and interesting to contemporary fourteen-year-olds, and it shows. Written for all those who desire to know the truth and to act in accordance with it, the book’s main point is compelling: we use reason in order to know the truth, and we study logic to improve our ability to find the truth together. The need for such a book in our current moment...

July 20, 2023

Workshops for New Teachers in Boston

Practical wisdom, thought Aristotle, is impossible to attain except by experience. This is true of life, of the arts, and of professional crafts. The next best thing is the experience of older people combined with thoughtful reflection.  Such experience and thoughtful reflection is what the Forum sought to transmit this past summer during its workshops for the new teachers of the Archdiocese of Boston. Through the month of July, The Heights Forum offered workshops for the St. Thomas More Teaching Fellows. Focusing on key areas related to the teaching profession,...

May 2, 2023

The Forum Concludes the First Year of the Leaders Initiative

I would say that the Leaders Initiative is the most influential thing, in the first few years of being a teacher or educator, that I’ve ever participated in. -Apprentice Principal (Brookline, MA) During summer 2022, the Forum launched the Leaders Initiative, a multi-month program of professional formation and executive coaching. The Initiative was the fruit of the Forum’s efforts to better serve educational leaders by giving intentional organization to something The Heights School had been offering for many years: counseling new school leaders and leaders of new schools.  Drawing on...