Upcoming Events

April 1, 10:00 AM 2023

Building a Relationship of Confidence with our Sons

Join us for a one-day conference for fathers.

As dads, we are eager for our boys to grow into fearless, confident men — into men who are truly free and totally alive.

August 14-19 2023

Summer Programs: Workshops and Symposium

Join us this summer for two teacher events in the week of August 14: the summer workshops and symposium. The purpose of the workshops is to support this effort by offering an opportunity for deep study in an environment of friendship, and the purpose of the Symposium is to support educators by offering them the opportunity to contemplate how their work fits into the broader culture of the country in which they work.

Fall 2023

Leaders Initiative: Professional Formation and Mentoring for School Leaders

The Leaders Initiative is a program of professional formation and executive coaching for current and aspiring school leaders. The Initiative convenes select groups of leaders for a series of targeted conversations on key topics relevant to school leadership. Drawing on the experience of The Heights School, the Leaders Initiative offers insights into the ideas and strategies behind directing a school, encouraging participants to think deeply about the principles informing practical decisions. Moreover, monthly meetings will give the opportunity for a collegial exchange of ideas and best practices.