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The mission of The Heights Forum is to support school leaders, teachers, and parents in their own callings to educate the children entrusted to them.

Who We Are

The Heights Forum is a branch of The Heights School that supports school leaders, teachers, and parents beyond the school’s walls. The Forum’s team consists of experienced administrators and teachers from The Heights School.

What We Do

The Forum assists school leaders, teachers, and parents by helping them clarify the principles that guide their work and offering guidance on how to put these principles into practice. Because there can and ought to be a diversity of ways in which principles are embodied, our goal is not to offer The Heights School as a model to be copied. Rather, our hope is that by sharing our school and offering counsel in the context of professional friendship, we may assist others in developing the unique cultures of their own schools and homes.

How We Do This

Producing resources that address common questions and spur thoughtful reflection

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Hosting multi-day events on the campus of The Heights School

Upcoming Events

Conducting multi-month programs of professional formation and personalized consulting services

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Fostering networks of educators with a shared mission

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