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Last week, The Heights welcomed a group of six school heads from Spain. Hailing from schools located throughout the Iberian Peninsula, the visitors were especially keen on learning about practically feasible ways to develop and improve the humanities programs offered at their schools. Through observations of core classes and strategic meetings with administrators at The Heights, the visitors worked on developing ways to integrate a solid humanities sequence into their already strong science and math programs. In addition to humanities, the school heads also sought to learn more about sharpening their mentoring programs and refining the overall tone of their schools.

Besides a series of targeted conversations with teachers and administrators at The Heights, as well as classroom observations, perhaps the most valuable aspect of their visit was the opportunity to be immersed in the culture of The Heights. As they had already been introduced to The Heights’ vision and philosophy of education through the articles, podcasts, and videos on the Forum, the visitors were especially appreciative to come and see campus in vivo, fully alive.

The visitors’ time on campus is an example of the sorts of visits that the Forum organizes for school leaders across from the country and around the globe. In the previous two months alone, The Heights has welcomed 10 visitors for multi-day visits.

If you are interested in visiting The Heights School, join us for one of our upcoming events or email to schedule a visit.

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Nate Gadiano

Executive Director

Nate is the Executive Director of The Heights Forum. In addition to his work at the Forum, he has also taught Natural History in the Lower School and Writing Workshop in the Middle School; he currently leads a philosophy seminar for high school seniors.

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