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Heights Teacher, Mark Grannis, Publishes New Logic Textbook

The Reasonable Person is an outstanding introduction to logic as the art and science of sound reasoning. The book is informed by the author’s experience making Aristotle’s logic comprehensible and interesting to contemporary fourteen-year-olds, and it shows. Written for all those who desire to know the truth and to act in accordance with it, the book’s main point is compelling: we use reason in order to know the truth, and we study logic to improve our ability to find the truth together. The need for such a book in our current moment cannot be overstated.

-Gregory Kalscheur, S.J., Dean, Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences, Boston College

When Mark Grannis joined The Heights School faculty in 2019, his first assignment was teaching logic to freshmen. To prepare for this task, Mark gathered resources from teachers who had previously taught the course. As he began teaching, however, he concluded that none of the textbooks seemed the perfect fit for teaching traditional logic to high schoolers. Each had its strengths, so he pulled from each to formulate a curriculum. But this too was not an ideal solution, as jumping from one book to another broke up the flow of the course.

Having taught the course for several years, Mark decided to write his own textbook tailored to the needs of his students. This past summer, Mr. Grannis published The Reasonable Person: Traditional Logic for Modern Life, which is also available to the public.

As the study of logic in the contemporary age has often been relegated to academic specialists whose investigations can have little practical relevance for daily living, Mark’s new book aims to bring this ancient and ever-important study to a modern audience. As Mr. Grannis himself points out, the study of logic can improve the daily lives of everyone, regardless of his or her professional or academic path. Moreover, as social animals, Mark’s book helps readers see how the study of logic can be a powerful means to attaining consensus in the public arena. 

In a world where thinking has become an increasingly outsourced ability, relegated to experts and AI, learning the art and science of thinking well is perhaps more important than ever.

If you are interested in learning more about how logic can improve your life, listen to a recent podcast with Mr. Grannis on his new book here.

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Nate Gadiano

Executive Director

Nate is the Executive Director of The Heights Forum. In addition to his work at the Forum, he has also taught Natural History in the Lower School and Writing Workshop in the Middle School; he currently leads a philosophy seminar for high school seniors.

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