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Fall 2023

Leaders Initiative

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About the Leaders Initiative

The Leaders Initiative is a program of professional formation and executive coaching for current and aspiring school leaders. The Initiative convenes select groups of leaders for a series of targeted conversations on key topics relevant to school leadership. Drawing on the experience of The Heights School, the Leaders Initiative offers insights into the ideas and strategies behind directing a school, encouraging participants to think deeply about the principles informing practical decisions. Moreover, monthly meetings will give the opportunity for a collegial exchange of ideas and best practices. Ultimately, the program serves as a launching point for an ongoing relationship with The Heights, opening up opportunities for further professional development.

Meet the Team

Learn about some of the people you'll meet in the Leaders Initiative.


Alvaro de Vicente

Headmaster, The Heights School


Andrew Reed

Director of Leaders Initiative


Nate Gadiano

Executive Director

Program Details

Sample Topics
Sample Resources
  1. Foundations of Parenting: Schools that Support a Culture of the Home
  2. Placing Parents at the Heart of Your School’s Mission
    • Part I: Why?
    • Part II: How? 
  3. Faculty Hiring and Development: Methods and Principles
  4. The Role of the Teacher as Mentor: Personalizing an Education
    • Part I: Principles
    • Part II: Practices
  5. Developing a School Culture that Leads towards Freedom and Trust
  6. Inspiring Habits and the Developing Will
  7. Developing a Curriculum for Contemplatives in the World
  8. Key Characteristics of a School Leader
  • Small cohorts of leaders meet virtually on a monthly basis for targeted conversations led by the program director on topics relevant to school leadership.
  • Sessions with other members of The Heights leadership team.
  • In anticipation of each monthly meeting, participants receive resources pertinent to the topic of discussion.
  • In addition to group sessions, each participant has the opportunity to meet with the program director at least once per semester for individualized mentoring.
  • As part of the program, participants also attend The Heights Forum’s Teaching Vocation Conference, where they participate in specialized sessions. Hosted on the campus of The Heights School, the conference provides participants the opportunity to develop professional friendships with fellow leaders, as well as the chance to meet aspiring teachers from around the country. Teachers are a school’s primary asset, and the conference provides a unique opportunity for leaders to find good men interested in pursing a career in education.
Cost Per Participant

The cost per participant of programs of this nature often exceeds $3,000. We are honored to provide this opportunity at a highly discounted rate thanks to the generosity of donors who recognize the cultural importance of education and especially the leadership that makes such education possible. Nevertheless, if the discounted price is beyond your means and you are unable to receive support, financial aid is available on a case-by-case basis.


The Leader's Initiative fully enrolls two distinct cohorts annually with the program starting every fall. Enrollment for the following school year is completed during the spring or summer months. Please feel free to inquire, request an interview, or stay updated by filling out the following. Thank you.

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