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Movement as Foundation of Fitness

Man is by nature made for movement. As a social-rational animal, he is not meant to live an angelic existence; his flourishing is embodied and, even more, it is familial. 

Though we all know this intuitively, living a healthy life can be difficult in practice. Not only does personal experience tell us this, data suggests it: life expectancy in America is dropping. How is such a downward trend possible given the advances in medicine and technology? What humans have done since the dawn of time, and what they have stopped doing in the past fifty years, is to move on a daily and hourly basis.

To speak about the importance of movement for human flourishing and family life, we welcome to HeightsCast our athletic director, Mr. Dan Lively. Keeping an eye on the development of the whole young person, Dan discusses the problem of sedentarism, a lack of movement, which plagues many people’s lives.

Rather than focusing on one-off exercise, Mr. Lively suggests we think about our overall relationship to movement. Living a healthy lifestyle involves more than checking a box; it involves developing habits of movement—low intensity, high volume, enjoyable movement that everyone can do for his whole life.


  • 2:00 Introduction: On Movement
  • 2:45 What is movement?
  • 6:20 The sedentary person
  • 8:25 Keeping it personal
  • 11:00 VO2 max and life-expectancy
  • 19:00 Healthspan: Peter Attia and the art of longevity
  • 23:10 Zone training and movement culture
  • 25:55 Movement and the liberal arts
  • 28:04 Building a culture
  • 30:55 Movement vs. exercise
  • 39:43 Step-counters
  • 43:00 Movement in the winter

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Dan Lively

Athletic Director
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