Systems for Athletic Success

Dan Lively joins us for a podcast on Systems for Athletic Success.

2:00 Why systems and not goals?

Scott Adams, “How to Fail at Everything and Still Win Big.”

Washington Post Article on GW’s Nick Griffin.

16:57 Systems for athletic success


28:35 Systems for commitment and communication

47:42 Do sports always build character?

Dan Lively

About the guest:

Dan Lively

Joining The Heights in 2005, Dan currently serves as Athletic Director. Prior to heading over to the gym, he worked in The Heights business office following a brief stint in the insurance industry. Dan also spent two years as a fifth grade homeroom teacher in the lower school. He earned a B.A. in Politics from the University of Dallas. Dan coaches the middle and upper school track and cross country teams. Dan and his wife Alissa have four daughters and a son.

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