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Fr. Carter Griffin: Magnanimity and the Great Souled Man

This week we feature a lecture by Fr. Carter Griffin, rector of the Saint John Paul II Seminary in Washington, D.C., to Heights Fathers on magnanimity.  This virtue calls us to stretch forth towards greatness, but with humility; to have an unshakable confidence in the victory of good over evil, but to walk slowly; to know ourselves to be loved by an all powerful father, but to be unmoved by either praise or slander.  As we help our sons to grow in virtue, Father Griffin encourages us, as fathers, to foster in ourselves this, the jewel of all the virtues which gives us confidence and certainty that God has a plan, and that we have a role in it.

Suggested Resources

Warfare the Condition of Life, St. John Henry Newman: 

Summa Theologiae on Magnanimity, St. Thomas Aquinas

On Magnanimity and Great Hearts with Alexandre Havard

Featured Events

Mentoring Workshop at The Heights School (June 13-14, 2024)

Teaching Through Immersion Workshop at Northridge Preparatory School (June 17-21, 2024)

About the Guest

Fr. Carter Griffin

Rector, Saint John Paul II Seminary

Father Carter Griffin is a priest of the Archdiocese of Washington, DC.  Raised Presbyterian, he converted to Catholicism while attending Princeton University.  After graduating in 1994, he served for four years as a line officer in the United States Navy prior to entering the seminary.  He attended Mount St. Mary’s Seminary in Emmitsburg, Maryland for two years of philosophy followed by the North American College in Rome for five years of theology.  Father Griffin was ordained to the priesthood in 2004 and served as priest-secretary for three years before beginning doctoral studies in Rome in 2008.  After completing his doctorate and serving as the parochial vicar of St. Peter’s parish on Capitol Hill, in 2011 he was appointed Director of Priest Vocations for the Archdiocese of Washington and Vice-Rector of St. John Paul II Seminary, where he now serves as Rector. He is the author of Why Celibacy: Reclaiming the Fatherhood of the Priest, Cross-Examined: Catholic Responses to the World’s Questions, and Forming Fathers: Seminary Wisdom for Every Priest, all published by Emmaus Road Publishing.

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