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Alexandre Havard on Free Hearts and Magnanimity

This week’s episode features Mr. Alexandre Havard, an internationally recognized authority on leadership and virtue. Mr. Havard gives us, as parents and teachers, a beautiful introduction to the virtue of magnanimity. In addition, Mr. Havard helps us understand the critical role of the human heart in the process of first embracing and then living a life of virtue. A good education shapes not only intellect and will, but heart as well. Listen in to hear why that is the case, and how we can go about offering a great education to the great souls entrusted to us.



About the Guest

Alexandre Havard

Founder, Virtuous Leadership System

An author and international speaker, Alex Havard defines and clarifies the essence of being human and guides us to discover the greatness for which we have been created.

Alex, fluent in five languages, shows us how to move from our biological temperament to our best selves, discover our mission in life, and become the virtuous leaders we were meant to be.

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