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Ready Player One

The pros, in my opinion, far outweigh the cons. The book affirms the value of online social interaction as a step in the right direction if you’re living in a dystopia, but that reality is still best.


The book manages to be fairly reflective and literary, while still remaining a page-turning mystery.

Not Worth a Look

I would seriously caution any parents to read through the book first before allowing their son or daughter to do so. Within are scenes involving graphic descriptions of sex.

Not Just About Zombies

What makes this book different is that it gets to the heart of who we are more thoughtfully than the movies and television programs that have paved this over-tread path.

An Inspiring Piece of Literature that Raises Deep Philosophical Questions

With God in Russia is the first of two books written by Rev. Walter J. Ciszek, a Jesuit whose cause for canonization is currently wending its way through the necessary channels in Rome. Written under obedience to his superiors, and first published in 1964, it details his experiences in Russia from 1939 to 1963. Lest this sound like a normal account of a Catholic priest doing mission work in another country, his stay in Russia consisted largely of imprisonment in the notorious Soviet Gulag, the system of prison and work…