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Dr. Peter Kilpatrick of CUA: Considerations for College-Bound Students

Today we talk to Dr. Peter Kilpatrick, President of the Catholic University of America, who offers our graduates advice about how to make the most of college. He shares his thoughts on civic discourse, selecting a major, affording college and more. In addition he roots the entire college experience in the bigger quest to know one’s self; but is that possible in a dorm? Our guest today answers “yes” and makes suggestions about how to advance in this life-long quest. Finally, Dr. Kilpatrick also highlights the value of leadership and…

Freedom and Obedience

“Porque me da la gana!” In his book Friends of God, St. Josemaría writes, “I opt for God because I want to, freely, without compulsion of any kind.” But how can we teach our children to use their freedom for the good in this whole-hearted way? For that matter, how can we as adults orient our wills toward the same? In this episode of HeightsCast, Headmaster Alvaro de Vicente explores the delicate relationship between obedience and freedom. He provides us with a framework to think about man’s condition of freedom,…

Immersive Language Instruction: On the Polis Method

This episode explores the theory and the practice of the Polis Method of language instruction which relies on a variety of methods to offer students an immersive experience of second language acquisition. We are joined by Dr. Christophe Rico, Dean of the Polis Institute, and Mr. Guillermo Dillon, Latin teacher at the Northridge Preparatory School in Chicago, Illinois. Additional resources:

Freedom in Education

In this week’s episode, Mr. Michael Moynihan discusses freedom in education. Michael traces the development of our philosophical understanding of freedom through the centuries, starting with the Greeks and moving into the modern age. Next he presents the Christian ideal of freedom as a resolution and expansion of these conflicting understandings, along with some implications of this new freedom for our work in the classroom.

R. J. Snell on Hope and Despair

This week on HeightsCast, we welcome back Dr. R.J. Snell, the Director of Academic Programs at the Witherspoon Institute and the editor-in-chief of Public Discourse. In the episode, Dr. Snell discusses his recently published book, Lost in the Chaos.

Teaching Sovereign Knowers

This week we feature a lecture offered by Head of Upper School, Michael Moynihan, at the most recent Teaching Vocation Conference. In his presentation, Michael encourages us as teachers to engage our students as free and rational agents, even when they don’t want to be engaged as such. Michael offers us some helpful insights into the principles that should guide our teaching, as we lead our students to becoming seekers of truth, rather than consumers of information produced by others.