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Reading Recommendations for Keeping a Nature Journal

In our most recent webinar, How to Keep a Nature Journal, Eric Heil and Peter Vitz expose the importance of journaling. They talked specifically about why and how nature journaling, the act of recording observations of the natural world in a notebook, can be of benefit to children and adults.

A recording of this webinar (as well as past webinars) is available for free on The Heights Academy Webinars Archive.

During the webinar, Eric and Peter list some reading recommendations for parents and teachers for studying, reference, or lesson-planning. That list is available below, along with some additional resources that Peter and Eric didn’t include in their slides.

Any and all of these books will be a help to the beginner or expert nature student and journal-keeper, but not one of them is necessary to get started on your own effort. Just getting outside with an open eye to many little things will get you on your way!

About the Authors

Eric Heil

Third Grade Homeroom
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Peter Vitz

Art, Natural History
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