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Lecture: The Teacher as the Liberal Artist

Dr. Matt Mehan and Mr. Tom Longano discuss the “Arts of Liberty.” Dr. Mehan explains what the Liberal Arts are and why we need to practice them. Mr. Longano shares with the audience a lecture he delivered at Oxford over the summer about the teaching of the Liberal Arts. He explores the notion of teacher as liberal artist.

Shortcuts:  Feel free to fast forward to…

Dr. Mehan (What are the Liberal Arts?):  0

Mr. Longano (A third grade, for all of us, on teaching the Liberal Arts):  41:10

Questions:  1:08:08

About the Authors

Tom Longano

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Matt Mehan

Associate Dean & Assistant Professor of Government, Graduate School of Government, Hillsdale College
Dr. Matthew Mehan is the Associate Dean and Assistant Professor of Government for the Steve and Amy Van Andel Graduate School of Government on Capitol Hill. He has been teaching and designing humanities curricula for twenty years. Dr. Mehan is a graduate of the University of Dallas and the valedictorian of his class. He received a B.A. in politics, ...
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