Heights Lecture Series: On the Benefits of Classic Study in the 21st Century with Mr. Justin Myers

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Few people speak Latin; even fewer speak ancient Greek. Why do we study these languages here at The Heights? Why do we require our students to study Latin? Is it out of a quaint fascination with the old and the ancient? Or, are there both practical and noble, servile and liberal, reasons to study not only the languages of the ancients but their texts as well?

Justin Myers

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Justin Myers

Teaching at The Heights since 2002, Justin Myers has lived in the Washington area nearly all his life. He attended Holy Redeemer School in Kensington, Maryland, and Georgetown Prep. He earned a B.A. in classics and psychology from Boston College and an M.A. in Latin at the University of Maryland. Prior to coming to The Heights, Justin taught at St. Hugh’s School and DeMatha High School. In addition to his classics responsibilities this year, he continues as the head coach of the cross-country and track team. He currently lives in Olney with his wife, Meredith, and his three children.