Disciplining Our Young Sons: How to Establish Respectful Dominion in the Home

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November 9-11 • The Heights School, Potomac, MD

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Lower School Head, Colin Gleason, shares his thoughts on discipline in the home. Drawing from his experience directing The Heights Lower School for 11 years, and from his nearly 20 years of working closely with families, Mr. Gleason will encourage us to foster a respectful dominion in the home. Often we err on either side of this happy medium, giving way to being overly permissive or excessively authoritative. In an age that implicitly pushes our sons towards questioning everything, how do we raise them in such a way that they both respect and trust us.

Colin Gleason

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Colin Gleason

Colin Gleason graduated from The Heights in 1999. After graduating from Washington and Lee University with a B.A. in Classics, he returned to his alma mater where he has taught a variety of classes: 3rd Grade Homeroom; Natural History; Chess; Storytelling; and currently, Moral Theology in the Upper School. He served four years as the Director of Admissions before taking on his current position as Head of the Lower School in 2010, overseeing his beloved Valley where he began as a student. Colin has also served as the Head Varsity Soccer Coach since 2010, and has been named Coach of the Year by the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference, Coach of the Year by the Pigskin Club of DC, and All Met Coach of the Year by the Washington Post. During the summer, Colin directs The Heights Soccer Camp and The Dangerous Camp for Boys. He is currently pursuing a Masters of Liberal Arts degree from Johns Hopkins University. He and his wife, Nicole, and their five children live in Kensington.