Wednesday, January 3rd:

5:00 pm Reception (Chesterton Hall)

5:30 pm Looking for a Few Good Men 

Alvaro de Vicente, Headmaster

7:00-8:30 pm  Dinner at Clyde’s Tower Oaks Lodge

2 Preserve Pkwy Rockville, MD

Thursday, January 4th

7:30 am Shuttle Service departs Canopy Hotel

7:45 am Coffee and Breakfast (Living Room) 

8:15 am Teaching: A Professional Vocation (Chesterton Hall)

Colin Gleason, Head of Lower School

9:15 am LI Session 1, The Great Confirmation: Home and School Culture

Andrew Reed, Director of the Leaders Initiative

9:30 am Classroom Observations

10:25 am Mass (Optional)

11:15 am Teaching: A Conspiracy for the Good (Chesterton Hall)

Joe Cardenas, Head of Mentoring

12:00 pm Lunch (Living Room)

1:00 pm Q and A (Chesterton Hall)

Colin Gleason and Joe Cardenas

1:30 pm Tour of Campus

2:30 pm LI Session 2, Hiring Partners and Faculty Development

Andrew Reed and Alvaro de Vicente 

2:30 pm Finances and Family Life as a Teacher (Chesterton Hall)

Dan Lively, Athletic Director

Vytas Maginnis, Founding Partner and Advisor at Harvest Wealth

3:30 pm What is Teaching Like… Really? (Chesterton Hall)

Anton Vorozhko, Kyle Blackmer, Eric Heil

Hosted by Mr. Richard Moss, Director of Outreach and Admission

4:30 pm Our Path to the Classroom (Classrooms)

Refreshments and small group discussions based on stations in life: married, single, college, young professional, and beyond.

5:30 pm Break

6:30 pm Reception and Dinner at The Heights School (Living Room) 

Friday, January 5th

7:30 am Shuttle Service departs Canopy Hotel

7:45 am Coffee and Breakfast (Living Room) 

8:15 am Teaching Sovereign Knowers (Chesterton Hall)

Michael Moynihan, Head of Upper School

9:15 am LI Session 4, Fostering a Culture of Trust and Freedom

Andrew Reed with Shane O’Neill, Kyle Blackmer, and Anton Vorozhko

9:30 am The Formation of a Teacher (Chesterton Hall)

Tom Cox, Upper School Teacher 

10:25 am Mass (Optional)

11:10 am Classroom Observations

12:15 pm Lunch (Living Room)

1:30 pm LI Session 3, Personalizing Education through a Mentoring Program

Andrew Reed and Joe Cardenas 

1:30 pm Teaching and the Vocation to Fatherhood (Chesterton Hall)

Tom Steenson, Lower and Upper School Teacher 

2:30 pm Break 

2:45 pm Where Should You Invest Your Professional Life? (Chesterton Hall)

3:45 pm Conference Summary (Chesterton Hall)

4:00-5:30 pm Farewell Happy Hour (Faculty Lounge)