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Who Was Frederick Douglass?

Prof. Eddie Smith, former Heights faculty and long time history teacher at American University, shares a few moments with us on Frederick Douglass to prepare listeners for Saturday night’s Heights Lecture. Who was Frederick Douglass and how did he, a liberated slave, so dramatically change the course of American history? Enjoy this HeightsCast recorded in Hoban’s Pub in Washington D.C.

About the Guest

Edward Smith

Prof. Smith taught U.S. Civil War history at American University for forty-five years. He was founder and Co-Director of The Civil War Institute and Co-Director of the new York City Ethnic Experience Institute. Professor Smith served as Lecturer for the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Institution, The National Geographic Society and the National Building Museum. In addition to his work during the early years of The Heights, Prof. Smith co-founded the Youth Leadership Foundation. Prof. Smith served in the White House as a speech writer during the Carter Administration. His essays appear in The Yale Review, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Lincoln Review, The Washington Times, and numerous other publications. Last, but not least, Prof. Smith is a former teacher of Mr. Alvaro de Vicente and Mr. Gerard Babendreier.

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