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When to Fight: Kyle Blackmer on Fisticuffs and the Peacemaking Protector

In this week’s episode we discuss fights. Most boys, especially at a young age, have a beautiful need for rough and tumble physical play. But what happens when it’s not play? What happens when egos are insulted and the fists go up? Or when there’s an unjust aggression? At what point is a young lad–or an older one–justified in puttin’ up his dukes? Teacher and Coach, Kyle Blackmer, gives us some points for consideration as we coach our sons on the use of physical force. In the end, this is another one of those areas where parents–most often, but not always, dad–are the primary educators of boys learning the proper employment of one of God’s great gifts: their strength.

About the Guest

Kyle Blackmer

Seventh Grade Core, History
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