Tom Longano on Performing Books Aloud: Don’t Just Read Aloud… Perform!

Today we feature an interview with Tom Longano, author of two recently published books: The Blue Book of Stories and The Red Book of Stories. A Heights graduate and former lower school teacher, Tom offers his thoughts on children’s literature, reading for boys, and the importance of not just reading books aloud, but actually performing them aloud as well.

Tom Longano

About the guest:

Tom Longano

Tom Longano grew up outside Washington DC and has a degree in philosophy from The University of St Andrews in Scotland. He taught at an all boys elementary school for four years, where he had so much fun telling stories that he often forgot to teach more important subjects, like spelling and math. His students didn't seem to mind. He loves encouraging boys to read, especially boys that think reading is “not their thing.” In writing down the stories he shared with his students, he hopes to inspire a wide audience of young readers. Tom’s Boy Stories collections have now been read by thousands of imaginative, crazy boys. He’s currently working on his third collection of short stories, among other exciting writing projects that he can't wait to share (one is a full-length musical). For more Boy Stories content be sure to subscribe to the Boy Stories podcast.

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