The Grindstone Skills: On Latin in Education, Part II

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November 9-11 • The Heights School, Potomac, MD

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This week on HeightsCast, Dr. Lionel Yaceczko discusses the study of Latin as the best way to develop our students’ “grindstone skills”: the abilities to “think” and “communicate,” which will allow them to both thrive in a constantly evolving job market, and to engage the greatest minds of their tradition.

Lionel Yaceczko

About the guest:

Lionel Yaceczko

Dr. Yaceczko has taught regular and online courses to all ages at the primary, secondary, and postsecondary levels, as well as summer programs for inner city boys in Chicago and Washington, D.C. Lionel’s research is focused on Late Antiquity (ca AD 180-800), with a doctoral dissertation on education in the later Roman Empire. His articles have been published in Studies in Late Antiquity, The Medieval Review, Crisis Magazine,, and Cavalcade. He has also worked in academic publishing. Lionel lives in Laurel with his wife Janet (another Latinist) and children Stanislaus, Sarah, Thom, Lio and Diego.