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The College Experience with U. Dallas President Dr. J. Sanford

Many of us assume that college will inevitably follow on high school’s heels, but why? Why go to college, and, once there, how do we make the most of the “college experience?” University of Dallas’ President, Dr. Jonathan Sanford, shares his thoughts on these questions and offers guidance as to how this experience should be different at a Catholic liberal arts university. Our approach to friendship, study, and reality is shaped by our university years. But so too are our university years shaped by our expectations heading into it. Higher ed is a place where most of us can find whatever it is we are looking for. Dr. Sanford’s conversation calibrates our students to make sure they are looking for the right things.

About the Guest

UD President, Jonathan Sanford

President, University of Dallas

Jonathan J. Sanford, PhD, is the 10th president of the University of Dallas, having assumed the position in 2021. As president, Dr. Sanford has dedicated his efforts to leading the University of Dallas to more fully realizing its calling as a premier Catholic liberal arts university by means of a thoroughgoing commitment to academic excellence, a distinctive and thoroughly nurturing approach to forming the character of our students, and the cultivation of true magnanimity in service to church and society.

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