Shakespeare’s Full Effect: Teaching through Drama

The prose is beautiful, but sometimes we gloss over the full impact of the Bard’s writing. Join Mr. Joe Bissex and a few of his students for a discussion of what students can learn from a well-led production of Macbeth.

Joe Bissex

About the guest:

Joe Bissex

Joe lives in Rockville with his dear family, a mountain of books, two mountains of board games, one or two stray spider crickets (where are the Daleks when you need them?), and a collection of 150 shot glasses. He can rave endlessly about the awesomeness of The Odyssey and The Tempest, much to the annual dismay of a bunch of unsuspecting sophomores. An avid fan of all things theatrical, Joe directs the Omnibus Players of The Heights School, as well as teaching Acting and Production Design. He received a B.A. from Thomas Aquinas College, an M.A. from University of Dallas, and is working on a Masters in Theatre Education at Catholic University of America. In his spare time he practices the fine art of taking 30-second naps. Omnia Omnibus!

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