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Science Education: Michael Moynihan on the Need for a New Synthesis

The problem with science education today is not that it is too scientific at the expense of being philosophic or Christian. The problem is that it is not scientific enough such that it has often become dogmatic rather than data-driven. 


This week on HeightsCast we talk with upper school head Michael Moynihan about a new initiative of his on the Forum: the Initiative for the Renewal of Science Education. In the episode, Michael discusses the need for a new synthesis in the liberal arts, combining the best of modern science with the wisdom of ages. In particular, he explains how the recent tendency in science education to begin with theory and then proceed to phenomena is unscientific, producing students with a habit of intellectual surrender rather than the inspiration to become great scientists.




  • 1:54 Introduction to the New Synthesis
  • 7:45 People/movements that have responded to the problem 
      • 8:02 The classical school response
      • 9:50 The creation science approach
      • 11:40 The NOMA perspective
  • 15:40 Teaching science scientifically 
  • 18:40 How science is typically taught today 
  • 20:23 The student as sovereign knower
  • 24:15 A more scientific approach to science education 
  • 26:40 Examples of the new approach
      • Three characteristics 
        • 27:24 Taking a historical perspective
        • 29:04 Leading with the real world 
        • 32:08 Making connections to other knowledge 
  • 34:00 Applications in the home
  • 35:03 Introduction and invitation to the Initiative for the Renewal of Science Education 


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About the Guest

Michael Moynihan

Head of Upper School, The Heights School

A native of Rochester, NY, Michael Moynihan graduated summa cum laude from the University of Notre Dame Honors Program in 1992. After teaching for one year and earning a master’s degree in theology from The Catholic University of America,

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