Dr. Mehan on Preparing for Bad News: Raising Men Who Can Handle It

Bad news is all around us. It always has been. It always will be. As if personal and family challenges weren’t enough, we have an attention economy that seems dead set on giving a generation of young people chronic anxiety about seemingly cataclysmic events. How can we prepare our children to handle bad news? Quite simply, by handling it well ourselves, remaining saintly and cool under fire. How do we do that? Listen in to learn more.

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Matt Mehan

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Matt Mehan

Matthew Mehan began teaching at The Heights in 2000. He currently teaches History of Western Thought and the new Sophomore U.S. History and American Literature “AmeriCore.” Matthew is also the director of the Jackson Scholars senior thesis program. Matthew also served as Director of Admissions from 2003 to 2006, before leaving for graduate work. A magna cum laude graduate of the University of Dallas and the valedictorian of his class, he holds a B.A. in politics, an M.A. in English, and he earned a Ph.D. in Literature for his dissertation on Shakespeare, Thomas More, and the education of leading citizens.Matthew is also a fellow of the Center for Thomas More Studies, and he has been named The Worsham Teaching Fellow of Hillsdale College’s Washington DC Allan P. Kirby, Jr., Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and a reader at the Folger Library. Matthew has been awarded the Claremont Institute’s Publius Fellowship as well as two fellowships from the Earhart Foundation. Matthew has worked as an editor for both academic and popular publications. Matt's recently published illustrated book of poetry, Mr. Mehan’s Mildly Amusing Mythical Mammals, is available for purchase on Amazon. His wonderful wife Molly and he have seven children.

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