On “Bullying”: Guiding Future Protectors through Social Difficulties

Lower School Head, Colin Gleason, addresses “bullying” in today’s podcast.  All across our fair land, schools feature “Say No to Bullying” posters in the same way that our public transit systems caution riders to “see something, say something.” Our children have grown up on high alert that there is a troubled class of individuals out there–BULLIES–that is out to get them.  That may be true in some sense, but Mr. Gleason pushes back on the idea that every instance of aggression or lack of charity is “bullying.”

In this episode, our Lower School Head offers advice for parents and schools working through tough social situations. Throughout the conversation, Mr. Gleason grounds his guidance in the goal of raising boys into protectors.  Rather than telling young lads not to use their strength, we must channel that strength towards good, noble, and manly purposes.

Colin Gleason

About the guest:

Colin Gleason

Colin Gleason graduated from The Heights in 1999. After graduating from Washington and Lee University with a B.A. in Classics, he returned to his alma mater where he has taught a variety of classes: 3rd Grade Homeroom; Natural History; Chess; Storytelling; and currently, Moral Theology in the Upper School. He served four years as the Director of Admissions before taking on his current position as Head of the Lower School in 2010, overseeing his beloved Valley where he began as a student. Colin has also served as the Head Varsity Soccer Coach since 2010, and has been named Coach of the Year by the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference, Coach of the Year by the Pigskin Club of DC, and All Met Coach of the Year by the Washington Post. During the summer, Colin directs The Heights Soccer Camp and The Dangerous Camp for Boys. He is currently pursuing a Masters of Liberal Arts degree from Johns Hopkins University. He and his wife, Nicole, and their five children live in Kensington.

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