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Dr. Kevin Majeres on Anxious Generation and Bad Therapy

In this episode Dr. Kevin Majeres offers his thoughts on two recent books: Anxious Generation by Jonathan Haidt, and Bad Therapy by Abigail Shrier.  Both books seek to tackle major questions such as screens and socials, overprotective parenting, anxiety and depression, and the appropriate response to those conditions.  Dr. Majeres optimistically offers helpful and poignant suggestions to parents fully aware seeking to mindfully raise mindful children.


  • 4:23 The Anxious Generation, introduction and analysis
  • 10:39 Social media and social comparison
  • 11:03 Proven connection between social media and anxiety, depression
  • 15:10 Bonds formed online versus in person, the “rupture and repair” process
  • 17:26 Primary impact on boys: video games, pornography, disengagement
  • 22:02 Pessimism fueled by social media
  • 24:43 Costs of screen time, impact on sleep
  • 27:17 Screens and the left hemisphere of the brain
  • 31:40 Children must be frustrated every day
  • 35:31 Haidt’s anti-fragile model
  • 40:40 Debate over the age for smart phones
  • 44:20 Bad Therapy, introduction and analysis
  • 51:31 Educative therapy approach
  • 56:41 Discerning necessary therapy
  • 1:00:19 Anxiety is adrenaline waiting to be invested
  • 1:03:58 Maintaining optimism


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About the Guest

Kevin Majeres

Co-founder, OptimalWork
Dr. Kevin Majeres is the co-founder of OptimalWork. Born and raised in Minnesota, Dr. Majeres attended college at the University of Dallas in Irving, Texas, and then stayed in Dallas for medical school and residency training at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. After graduation he completed a fellowship with the Beck Institute of ...

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