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A Series of Unfortunate Events – Reviewed

The thirteen books in Daniel Handler’s A Series of Unfortunate Events provide humorous if formulaic escapism which, like an emergency room full of merely-competent doctors, does no obvious harm. While many contemporary children’s series positively ooze with socially-conscious messages that their authors or publishers think “The Children” need to hear, these books are mercifully bereft of such earnest nonsense. True, the series is also free of anything like transcendence, and it offers no remedy to the problem of evil that is its main source of drama (and humor), but at…

The Candy Shop Wars

The Candy Shop Wars is cheap American candy. Younger palettes may initially enjoy the easy thrills of magic sweets, but after a few chapters, most taste buds will be numb to the flavor and ready to move on to something more substantial. The core recipe for the story is unbalanced, and the magic candy action is little more than a superficial additive intended to mask the bland flavor. While the book does not contain anything that is blatantly inappropriate or offensive, there is little to recommend it.   The story centers…

A Book With Its Title

The point is, there is no point, and we’ve all grown far too serious. There is nothing so sad about our modern culture as its sadness.