About Tom Royals

Tom Royals Tom began his tenure at The Heights in 1979. Over the years, he has taught grades four through twelve in the disciplines of English and religion, held various administrative positions, and was appointed Assistant Headmaster in 1998. Tom holds a BA in English from Providence College. He and his wife, Cecilia, have eight children, four daughters and four sons. All four sons are graduates from The Heights: Fr. Andrew Royals in 1997, a priest in the Archdiocese of Washington, DC; Thomas J. Royals in 2003, a U.S. Naval Academy graduate; LT James M. Royals in 2007, also a USNA graduate, currently attached to VAW -120 at Norfolk Naval Air Station; and John P. Royals in 2012. Tom and his wife, Cecilia, have nineteen grandchildren.

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