The Teaching Vocation

A Conference for Men Exploring Professions as Educators

January 5-7 • The Heights School • Potomac, MD
Cost: $150 • Scholarships available. For more information, contact

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Our Mission:
To assist professionals and college students as they explore a possible career in education and to initiate regular professional collaboration within a developing network of aspiring educators.

About the Conference

A teacher trains minds, forms hearts, and nurtures souls. Ideally, he is a guide in the pursuit of knowledge, an example of both intellectual and moral virtues, and a mentor in the quest for wisdom. He accompanies, instructs, exemplifies, and participates in the formation of his students. It is a call that resonates deeply with us as men for we are all called to be teachers in some way. 

Yet, for some of us, that vocation seems to be an increasingly natural professional calling and we feel the desire to devote ourselves to this mission of helping parents raise their children. 

Are you considering pursuing a career as an educator? Join us for a Conference hosted by The Heights Forum for men exploring the teaching vocation.


Registration Cost: $150. Registration includes meals from Wednesday dinner through Friday lunch, along with printed materials for the conference.

The cost per participant of conferences of this nature often exceeds $1,000/participant. We are honored to provide this experience at the deeply discounted rate thanks to the generosity of donors who recognize the cultural importance of education and the teachers that provide it.

We recognize that even the discounted fee may surpass available funds in some cases. Please email if you wish to be considered for a full or partial scholarship.

Conference Highlights

  • Welcome reception Wednesday night;
  • Lectures, seminars, and guided discussions sessions with veteran Heights teachers and their friends–hear from Alvaro de Vicente, Colin Gleason, Andy Reed, Michael Moynihan, Joe Cardenas, Rich Moss, and others;
  • Enjoy the fraternity of other college and professional men exploring the same call;
  • Three meals a day and the beverages that follow.


Teaching as Vocation

What is a vocation? Is that different from a profession? Just how far off the beaten track is a career in eduction?

Teacher as Mentor

A teacher forms, and most formation happens outside the classroom.  How do I form hearts and train the will?

Teacher as Partner with Parents

Schools ought to be schools for families, thus much of our best work is not in the classroom or even with the student, but rather with their parents. Explore this daunting but critical element of our profession.

Teacher as Liberal Artist

What are the liberal arts really?  Are the arts of liberty still needed for success in an increasingly virtual world?

The Formation of a Teacher

How do I grow professionally? Do I really need an education degree? Is there another, better way? How would I know if this is the right career for me?

The Viability of Teaching

Is it financially possible to both raise a family and pursue this vocation? What do finances and family life look like in this profession? There are obvious pros and cons–we’ll talk about them both.

Stay Updated

The conference will take place during January 5-7, the evening of January 5 and full days January 6 and 7. Applications will be accepted later this fall, with scholarships available. To stay updated, please fill out the form below.

“One of the greatest pleasures in teaching comes from those hours when you feel that every word you say is being heard, not by a collection of bored and dutiful individuals, but instead by a group which you create and which in turn creates you; that, instead of repeating facts learnt by rote, to be telephoned through the drowsy air to half-dead ears and garbled down in notebooks, you are both stirring minds to ask questions and answering them; that you are being driven by the energy of the young on the search for truth, and drawing therefrom the power to lead the search; and, in fact, that you and your words and the class which listens and thinks are all part of the ceaseless activity of human Reason.”

– Gilbert Highet