The Heights Forum Presents

The Art of Teaching

A Conference for Teaching Men

November 9-11 • The Heights School, Potomac, MD

About the Conference

The Heights Forum is pleased to offer its second conference of the 2022 season on the Art of Teaching. We invite teaching men, novice and veteran alike, to join us for two-and-a-half days of study, reflection, and friendship on our campus in Potomac, MD.


Registration will open in early August. To stay updated, please consider joining our mailing list by clicking here.

Registration Cost: $200. Registration includes meals from Wednesday dinner through Friday lunch, along with printed materials for the conference.

The cost per participant of conferences of this nature often exceeds $1,000/participant. We are honored to provide this experience at a deeply discounted rate thanks to the generosity of donors who recognize the cultural importance of education and the teachers that provide it.

We recognize that even the discounted fee may surpass available funds in some cases. Please email if you wish to be considered for a full or partial scholarship.

Conference Highlights:

  • Meals and drinks provided by The Heights, meant to create an environment of fraternity where educators can meet and form friendships.
  • Lectures, seminars, and guided discussion sessions with veteran Heights teachers and their friends.
  • Opportunities for hands-on training, mock classes, feedback and evaluation, and classroom observation.


Topics will vary from the mundane to the ethereal, all presented with an awareness of the mission that draws us all to the classroom:

On Partnering with Parents: Working with Primary Educators

Mentoring 101: On the Tutorial in Christian Manhood

Teaching the Craft of Writing

On Discipline: Respectful Dominion in the Classroom

Classroom Culture: On Teaching without Words

The 21st-Century Experience: Meeting Our Students Where They Are

On the Forgotten Arts: Handwriting, Memorization, and Showing Your Work

Teaching Our Pupils to See: On Beauty and Natural Reason as a Path That Leads us to a Reflective life

“Life is a process of constant change. No one can teach a subject in the same way two years running. Even if he uses the same books and teaches the same facts and conclusions, the second year he will have blurred a few outlines by repetition, cut a few corners because of age. The alternatives are only these: to allow your teaching to petrify by neglect, or constantly to refresh it by transfusions of new vitality and interest…”

– The Art of Teaching, Gilbert Highet

Stay Updated

The conference will take place November 9-11: the evening of November 9 and full days November 10 and 11. Applications will be accepted later this summer, with scholarships available. To stay updated, please fill out the form below.