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A Resource for Parents and Teachers

Parents want nothing more than their child’s happiness.  Though slightly different in kind, teachers share a similar mission.  As parents and teachers, we know that the happiness we seek for our sons results from a thoughtful, ordered, and generous “life well-lived.”

The path, however, is uncertain and the experience of the 21st century boy is constantly evolving.  You, as parents and teachers, face definite challenges and enjoy tremendous opportunities in your quest to form sons and students into men.

Welcome to The Heights Forum, a resource for parents and teachers, like you, who are willing to make the difficult yet rewarding decisions that are necessary to raise young men “fully alive.”

Who We Are

We are the faculty and friends of The Heights School, in Potomac, Maryland.  The Heights is a liberal arts school for boys, grades 3-12 that has, for nearly 50 years, specialized in cultivating the full and integral human potential of each of its students.  For decades we have been a resource for parents, teachers, and schools seeking to cultivate virtue, knowledge, and wisdom in their boys.  

As a school, we draw from the ancients while also relying upon the best of modernity.  It is this emphasis on the fully human that makes us a liberal arts school. Indeed, training in the liberal arts implies not only virtue but also professional competence.  This is why you will find, on this site, articles ranging from mentorship, to classic works, to screen time, to habits and more.

Though we do not have all the answers, nor would any member of our community profess infallibility, we, as a faculty, share an appreciation for the good, the true, and the beautiful, and an understanding of the practices and resources that can lead a young man towards these things.

What We Offer

  • Weekly articles sharing insights into the boy and how to shape him;
  • Weekly podcasts drawing upon the wisdom of our faculty and friends;
  • Weekly book reviews covering the contemporary literature that your sons can and should read in order to engage modernity.

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