Mentor's Compass

What is Mentor’s Compass?

Join Heights Mentor, Alex Berthe, for Mentor’s Compass, a series of short videos offering practical guidance to parents, teachers, and mentors of young men “fully alive.” Each lesson deals with real-world aspects of guiding a boy towards Christian manhood: how do you set goals for a mentee? how do you handle procrastination? how do we adjust to the ubiquity of smart phones? how do we instill integrity in our boys? As mentors, how should we interact with parents, and vice versa? In addition to the video, each module will present a downloadable PDF for you to print out and consider. Mentor’s Compass is more than a video–it is the beginning of a conversation between you and your spouse, son, mentee, or mentee’s parents. Allow us to walk with you as you strive to guide your son or mentee towards a life well lived.