Featured Books

The purpose of the Forum Reviews is to provide our faculty’s perspectives on contemporary literature that your son might be reading. Every so often we come across a book that’s more than just good, but really worth reading. These are the books that contain characters and ideas that positively shape a boy’s moral imagination.

After a peer review, these books often earn the title of “Forum Fit,” but when a book is particularly valuable, we’ll feature it in this series that hopefully provides you with a reading list to use with a son or student.

How to Use

When we feature a book, we pick it for a particular positive theme that it portrays. The teacher who reviewed the book will go into more detail about how to use the book to help educate your son or student in that particular theme, providing a sort of micro-curriculum for parents and teachers to use.

Our hope is that you can use this series as both a way to find books for your son or student to read, and a way to take advantage of the book’s contents. Particular detail is given to:

  • How characters model good or heroic behavior
  • How the story promotes clearer, philosophical precise thought, or stir thought while suggesting answers can be found.
  • How you can further utilize this book to promote meaningful discussion.

Don’t forget that you can request a book to be reviewed here. If you think a book contains valuable content for boys, don’t forget to put that in the comments on the request– that book could be the next Forum Featured Book!