Ranking Priorities

From the Mentor's Compass series.

In this episode, middle school teacher, Kyle Blackmer, offers advice on helping your mentee live out his devotions by first ordering his priorities, and then analyzing whether or not he’s allocating his time appropriately.

Kyle Blackmer

About the author:

Kyle Blackmer

Kyle has been teaching humanities at The Heights since 2015, working with 7th graders in the subjects of English, Latin, and history. Kyle advises the Ski Club and the Middle School Outdoorsman’s Club, and is also in charge of organizing the school’s famous Clan Games. A Division-1 soccer player, Kyle is the goalkeeper coach for The Heights soccer program and trains keepers in grades 7-12. His other interests include Irish history and music – both of which he pursued during graduate studies in Northern Ireland – and working in his family’s vegetable garden. A native of the Finger Lakes region of New York State, Kyle lives in Hyattsville, Maryland, with his wife Julie and their four children.

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